Monday, November 17, 2003

We had a parent-teacher conference with Mrs. Singer and Jack's other teachers this morning. They all said he is super-duper smart and enthusiastic. It was so good to hear. I am proud of Jack. It is hard to have your brother die and go on being a normal, good kid. Jack is doing it.

This is something Mrs. Singer gave us to show how Jack's writing has improved since the beginning of school.

He doesn't write his name on everything like you did.`Meanwhile, Jack's Judaics teacher said that he really likes this prayer.

It is the prayer you say when you get up in the morning thanking God for giving you back your soul all fresh for the new day. It also means something about the concept of God bringing the righteous people of all generations back to life. That is some heavy duty stuff. I like the tune I once learned for this, but never really focused on what it is saying. Now I know.

You guys are lucky that you don't ever have to go to Hebrew school. I never liked going when I was a kid. A lot of the stuff that Jack's teachers said about Jack reminded me of me when I was in school. I think we are a lot alike, but he is definitely smarter and can do harder Legos. We got him the Orient Express for 8 year olds and he did it all by himself without getting frustrated.

You'd be proud of Jack too.

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