Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I dropped off band-aids at the Clinic this morning.

Of course there is something (or someone) missing from this photo. The parking guys! They still know me and let me just pull up and leave our car in front. I love that.

These were the Strawberry Shortcake bandaids. I have been very good about having "girl" bandaids for all of the Matchbox and Jimmy Neutron ones that we drop off.

I think it is important we keep the Henry Toolkit fully stocked. It is fun to try and find bandaids that we haven't seen before.

One thing that depressed me, no matter what hospital we were at, was when there were things for the patients and other kids that were broken or not taken care of. I remember there would be great TVs, or pinball machines or computer games that people donated and they wouldn't work or would be beat up. I think it is great to want to help but you need to make sure things are kept up nicely or else it is just a big disappointment. I think we'll be thinking about that when we do Hope for Henry stuff.

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