Wednesday, July 14, 2004

This was last weekend in St. Michaels. When we toasted Nana and Papa's 45th Wedding anniversary, either Nana or Papa made a point to say we were incomplete. You were missing. I got all teary eyed. I knew someone was going to say something. I wanted to someone to say something (I can't) and I knew I was going to be sad. I hope this happens to me at all happy family events forever. I can be happy, but I need to feel you too.

Somehow all of your cousins were wrangled into taking pictures before we sat down for dinner. Everyone looks really good. Rachel and Emma are beautiful; Jack and Michael are handsome; the twin terrors, Joshua and Sam are all grown up; and Joe is just plain cute. I think Nana and Papa look very relaxed and happy. Nana said something to me and Mom when we were taking pictures about thinking of you. I appreciate her saying these things and thinking of you, but I get too emotional to thank her or do anything more than give her a hug. She's the best.

I love when people tell me they are thinking of you or missing you. It means so much to me that you are remembered as a person. A funny, smart, sensitive, loving, great to be around person.

The last one of this bunch of photos is from 5 years ago at Nana and Papa's 40th anniversary. You and Michael were obviously having a good old time. I saw the photo on the wall in the kitchen in St. Michaels that I was thinking about with you "hovering." It was the photo of all of the cousins together taken during this same white t-shirt photo session. I like everyone wearing their own rag tag stuff better.

p.s. here are a couple more.

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