Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I wrote you a letter last night but it disappeared. I told you how I was still transferring videos of you on to DVD. I watched one called "Happy 7th Birthday to Henry." All of your classmates from JPDS sang Happy Birthday to you in English and in Hebrew. Mrs. Singer said that she missed you and loved you.

I was thinking back about how I had wanted to get teleconferencing for you so you could see and hear your class, and they could see and hear you. I tried to get in touch with the CEO of a company that makes equipment that lets you do that. I never heard back. I should have been smarter about that.

One other thing I tried to do and failed was to get the basement turned into a fun classroom and retreat for you.

I wrote an application to a television show called While You Were Out to have them come to our house when you were in the hospital and make the basement a classroom. You weren't in the hospital at the time, but unfortunately I knew that you would go back in sooner or later.

I thought it would be a great surprise and make you happy. I never heard back from them either.

Yesterday morning I met with some people who are going to make our house bigger. We couldn't do any construction when you were alive. We were told to keep you away from construction sites because the dust was dangerous for you. I think it will be a little crazy around here until they finish but it will be nice to have more space. I'll put up pictures of the changes.

I am watching John Edwards, the guy who lost his son. He hasn't said anything about his son yet. We'll see.

I love talking about you. I love writing to you.

I love you.

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