Monday, July 26, 2004

We went to Pamela and Jeffrey's house in West Virginia this weekend. Ever since the Fourth of July, sitting on the roof of the car has become a big deal for Jack and Joe. Joe gets up there and says,"Fireworks." It is very cute. The house is down the block from a big stable with lots of great horses. You would have loved it. Both Jack and Joe rode Sugar the pony. Sugar was very nice. Joe said he didn't want to ride, but when I took him over to pet Sugar from her saddle, the next thing we knew Joe was riding around the barn.

Joe was wearing his cowboy boots. They used to be Josh's. Joe's favorite outfit is his pajamas and his cowboy boots.

We walked like that over to Fresh Fields the other morning.

We worked on our "loafing." West Virginia is a nice place to relax.

There is a song where they call West Virginia, "Almost Heaven." I guess we were a little closer to you, then. I want to come out to the cemetery. Hopefully I can come soon.

Love you, cowboy.

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