Thursday, July 22, 2004

Photo of the day.

More Minnesota. This was the day that you and Jack and Mom left for Washington on the Honeywell Jet. The man was nice to drop you guys off before heading to New Jersey. I drove. I still remember getting the last bits and pieces of our stuff out of the apartment at Calhoun Beach Club and into the Isuzu. We had sent most of it home by UPS. Boy, we collected a lot of stuff while we were there.

Joe's favorite things to play with now are all of your Pokemon figures. He dumps them out of the bin and begs me or Mom to play "Kokomon" with him. I get on the floor before leaving for work in the morning and help Joe arrange them all in rows. That is playing "Kokomon."

It was always exciting to find new Pokemon or Batman stuff for you while you were in the hospital or later in the apartment. I talked to Mom about ensuring that the "Magic Closet" is part of whatever we do with the Hope for Henry Foundation. Mom is working very hard on it. You'd be proud of her.

I love you, Big Man.


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