Friday, July 09, 2004

I had been thinking about what I said yesterday and looked up Mark's article. I knew that the article came out before you died. I realized that before you died I probably wouldn't have noticed or been troubled about someone comparing business problems with their kid dying. Something didn't add up.

Here is the part of the article that bothered me.

January 6, 2002
Mark Leibovich

In a series of interviews between May and January, Saylor seemed at once humbled by his experience and bitter. At times, he drew comparisons between himself and victims of diseases or violent crimes. "I don't think that the trauma or stress I felt is any worse than the stress that a father feels when his son has leukemia," Saylor said last summer, describing his feelings during his company's sudden fall. "Or whose wife is dying. I think it's the same . . . in my case, it was my company catching leukemia."

What a dummy. Mark had wondered if I'd be upset by that comment. I was but I also thought it was incredibly sensitive and very sweet of Mark to think of me. I always like to thank him for letting you sit in the front passenger seat when you went for pancakes. I am glad you had that opportunity, and I am glad that I put you on my lap and let you drive the car out in St. Michaels.

We are going out to St. Michaels this weekend for Nana and Papa Sy's 45th wedding anniversary. I wonder if I'll get sad again at Black Dog Alley. Remember the photos we took of everyone in St. Michaels on their 40th anniversary? We all wore white. I thought it was a little corny. There was one great photo of you and Michael sitting on a bench with your arms around each others necks. But there was another of all of the moms and dads and kids together with Nana and Papa Sy, and you are a tiny bit above everyone - kinda hovering. I'll find that and put it on here.

You are loved and you will be missed this weekend.

I love you.

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