Thursday, July 08, 2004

I heard something on the radio today that made me upset.

There is a man, Ken Lay, who was the head of a big company called Enron in Texas. Aunt Jen used to live in Texas. The government says that this Mr. Lay did bad things that hurt his company and the people who worked there and people who invested in it. I'll explain investments later.

So on the radio a man helping Ken Lay, his lawyer, said that when Enron went out of business it felt like the death of a child to Ken Lay. That is just a wrong thing to say. He doesn't know how that feels, which is a good thing.

Someone else made the same comparison and that was wrong too. A couple of years ago, Mark wrote a a great story in the Washington Post about a man named Mark Saylor, who also headed a big company. When his company had a lot of problems and he lost a whole lot of money he compared it to losing a child. I don't know what it is with these people that they say that. Maybe they are imagining the worst feeling in the world and they think of the loss of a child.

Maybe they should just say that when they lost a lot of money or their company went out of business they felt really bad. That would be better. You can make more money and you can start another company. I can't ever get you back.

People say stupid things sometimes. Maybe that is why they are in so much trouble.

I love you big man.

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