Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I'll explain all this tonight. But quickly, I met up with Mom and Joe and Jack at Guy Mason last night. The Fannie Mae Foundation softball team was playing. I was on the HSG so I was able to ride right up to the backstop. There was a hamster that Joe played with. He picked it up and had a blast. I think Jack was a bit scared of it and didn't want to touch it. The cool thing was that he said to me that he had touched so many different animals and reptiles in his long lifetime that he thought he'd give Joe an opportunity to pick up the hamster. He is smart.

I took the pictures with my cell phone and the colors were all screwy so I made them black and white. It is hard to see the hamster but he's there.

I bought a chicken filet sandwich at Rocklands and ate over at Guy Mason. The woman thought I said my name was "Hamlet" when she took my order. Hamlet is a guy from a play by William Shakespeare. I wonder if you ever heard of him in school.

Hamlet is known as the "Melancholy Dane."

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