Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Henry TV!

I care. I care. We shot this video in the car on the way to Minnesota for transplant. You can see the effects of the steroids in your face. You weren't all puffy like you were after transplant. This is more like you looking like you are going through puberty (I'll explain that later) - which you were.

That bagel is bigger than your head. I wonder if we got it in Cleveland. I think the Anadrol gave you an apetite. You didn't eat much later on.

This is the start of something big for us. I have to look back and see how long ago I threatened to start posting videos of you. I should have been able to do this long ago. Oh well. Now you'll shine even brighter. I need to figure out how to do the fancy editing but I think you hold up pretty well just as is.

I think I am about to get very busy. Yeah. This makes me happy. I love you.

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