Thursday, October 19, 2006

I gotta work on improving the quality of the video on Henry TV. I'll crack that nut soon enough. Hey, yesterday was one of Joe's last baseball games. I took video of him getting his two hits. I cannot believe that he is older than you were in the video I put up yesterday. The drugs made you look like you were eight even though you were only four and a half. But you didn't just look older -- you acted older.

When we got home I was looking back through videos of you. I watched one from St. Michaels that showed Mom pitching to you. Watching from his stroller was none other than Future Hall of Famer Joe Goldberg. So I can only assume that he learned his great hitting form from watching you and later, Jack.

I was worried that there are very few pictures of you and Joe together, but now that I know there is video I feel much better. He'll have that to remember the two of you by. I'll try and post that video soon.

Jack is getting really good at the Internet. I wonder how long it will be before his curiosity and his surfing skills bring him here. I wonder if he finds it whether he'll tell me. This whole thing is as much for him as it is for me.

Jack uses this thing on the computer called Google Earth that lets him look at places all over the planet. You look at pictures of the earth taken by satellites up in space. It is supercool. This morning I showed Jack where I used to live in London. Then Joe asked Jack to show him the White House because Joe saw it on a field trip his class took downtown yesterday.

I told Joe how you and Jack went inside the White House and met the President. Too bad I don't have video of that.

At some point I'll probably put some kind of map or pictures on here of everywhere that was important to you... Calvert Street, St. Michaels, Minneapolis (I found the video of you with the Vikings cheerleaders!), Hackensack and Baltimore. Maybe I need to retitle this whole thing "Project Henry."

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