Monday, October 16, 2006

Two weeks ago someone broke into Dave and Jenny's house nextdoor and stole stuff. Then Mom told me on Friday that someone broke into Aunt Tracy and Uncle Andrew's house and stole things there. The worst thing - the robber stole your cousin Sam's piggbank!

I feel terrible for all of them.

I will call someone and get an alarm put in our house. I don't care if anyone steals our computer or iPods or anything like that. What scares me is if someone comes into our house and takes anything related to you. We have a small safe-like box that is filled up just with pictures and videos of you. The stuff is in that box so if there is ever a fire, those things will survive. I worry that a burglar would think the safe has jewelry or something like that in it. I will find someplace good to hide it just in case.

We also have photos of you in the vault at the bank. I am going to get video of you online. I am going start doing that soon.

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