Sunday, October 15, 2006

I flew out to Los Angeles for the weekend for work. I think I was there the same exact time last year. I have a piece of paper with notes I took on the trip of things that I want to tell you.

I made a note that I drove by a See's Candy Factory. Remember the See's lollipops we had. The chocolate ones. Yum.

I went to Friday Night Services at a synagogue in a neighborhood in Los Angeles called Westwood. I actually had been there once before, way back in 1978. I stayed there when I was traveling across the country for the summer with a group called USY on Wheels. It was a "teen tour" but I never liked that expression. Not a whole lot seems to have changed at the synagogue in the meantime. It looks very 1978.

I went to services to talk to a man about something we are doing on XM. We are going to have a Chanukkah channel. The next day I went to a big country music concert in a city called Irvine. I lived for a summer right near there. When I finished college I lived with Dave Phillips and Eric Nill in an apartment in a place called Newport Beach. Those guys had one more year left at school. They were at a really good but not well known school called Pomona College.

I worked in a bar for the summer. The bar was owned by a man who went to the University of Maryland. He gave me a job because we went to the same school. That is how the world works sometimes. Dave and Eric cleaned houses, so I was pretty glad that I went to Maryland.

My job with XM is fun because it takes me all over the place and I get to meet a lot of interesting people and do a lot of different things.

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