Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today I went up to Philadelphia for the morning to go on a bike ride with a special guy named Henry. Just like you Henry was born sick. His mom told me that they've almost lost him 3 times. His sister gets very scared anytime he needs to go to the doctor. He is doing kinda okay right now and is in middle school.

It was chilly!

I got to ride with Henry, who is standing next to me; his mom; Reggie Brown, who is in the middle and a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles; and Bob Rinaldi, who is a good friend of the Hope for Henry Foundation and a friend to Mom and me. Bob is the one who made the bike ride happen. He is the kind of guy who makes good things happen.

Reggie had a really nice touchdown catch this past Sunday. I told him that even as a Redskins fan I could appreciate how great a catch it was.

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