Friday, October 27, 2006

You will not believe where Jack, Joe and I were last night.

The World Series!

We flew to St. Louis to catch Game 4 of the series between the Tigers and the Cardinals. They cancelled the game the night before, and everyone - especially us - were worried that they might have to postpone again because of blurriness, I mean rain.

The last time we went to Busch Stadium it was old Busch Stadium and the game was rained out. I was hoping we'd have better luck this time around.

We did.

The new stadium was really nice and the place was buzzing. There was so much excitement. Everyone should feel a part of that at some point in there lives. I remember a few Redskins games and Maryland basketball games that had that kind of energy.

We had good seats that I got through work. Check out the mohawk on this guy sitting in front of us.

I liked the sign. While I didn't have any beers (a mistake 'cause that is what St. Louis and the stadium were built on and known for), I did have the most amazing hot dog. It was Best Kosher and smothered in fried onions. Yum. I can only pray that they have them at the new stadium in Washington.

Being with Jack and Joe at something like this was "priceless." Even though Mom thought it was great father/son bonding, I still like it when we do stuff all as a family.

In addition to mohawk-guy, there was a teeny baby sitting right in front of us with her Mom and Dad. She was great. She never cried or made a peep. She just smiled.

Joe had his usual cotton candy and cracker jacks. Joe is very good at singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." We sang that on the way over to the stadium.

We went to the game with Hannah. Aunt Jen went separately with a friend. Late in the game, Hannah, Jack, Joe and I moved down to sit with them on the first base line.

Jack took these pictures from where we were originally sitting. Scott Rolen was born the same day as Mom. I wonder why they forgot to mention that important statistic on the Jumbotron.

You and Pedro Martinez share the same birthday. I am glad we could be with Hannah, Jen and Dan so close to your birthday. Tonight we have a party for Aunt Tracy's birthday. Tomorrow we are going to a birthday dinner for Cousin Rachel. It almost slipped my mind that you guys were born 3 days apart.

The best part -- the Cardinals won 5-4! It was a great game. We had so much fun no-one noticed how late it got by the time it all ended.

We got home around 2 am our time.

Jack wanted to stay with Hannah through the weekend, but Joe wanted to come straight home. He was missing Mom so much. Even though he was having a great time, during the second or third inning he asked me when we were going home. I told Jack that the two of us would come back for a long weekend in St. Louis sometime soon. And we will.

Jack's shirt says "Cardinals" in Hebrew. I think when you were a little guy you had one that said "Michigan" in Hebrew.

Even though Mom stayed behind on this trip, we will all be going together to Ann Arbor next weekend for the University of Michigan football game. They are the second best team in the country.

Mom has a big trip of her own coming up soon. She and Suzy are going to China to see Karen. I bet they would never have guessed when they were at school in Michigan that one day they'd all be hanging out in Shanghai together.

Crazy, huh.

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