Monday, October 30, 2006

I was cleaning the basement yesterday and I came across this letter. That was your last birthday.

I saw a story on the news while we were waiting for our plane in St. Louis about a young guy, Jeff Newbauer, who had cancer and was visiting every ballpark with his dad. He was scheduled to come to see the World Series in St. Louis last Wednesday, October 24, but got too sick to make it. He died on your birthday, October 25. He'll be buried today.

The Cardinals ended up winning the World Series. On Friday night I snuck upstairs at Aunt Tracy's birthday and watched the final game. The Tigers lost but the people up there do have the University of Michigan to cheer for now. I am very excited for the game next week.

On Saturday night we all went to Cousin Rachel's birthday dinner. Jack and Joe ended up spending the night with Michael and Joshua.

Let me tell you a little story about your Cousin Michael. Michael, Rachel and Joshua went to the doctor the other day for their annual checkup. Michael and Rachel were clear to get their flu "shot" in a nasal spray, but because of his asthma, Joshua had to get his in a shot with a needle.

Michael didn't want Joshua to be scared so he said he took the shot with the needle. That says a lot about Michael. With Michael's help, Josh was very brave and had no problem with his shot. They are all such good kids.

Yesterday we went to Joe's last baseball game of the year.

It was also the 31st Marine Corps Marathon. They run through Georgetown. Uncle Andy went down to watch a friend of his run. It is marathon season. Richard just ran the Baltimore Marathon and is thinking about running in the London Marathon. We had your heart surgery in Boston when they were running the Boston Marathon. That one is in the spring, though. I get kinda bored running though I like the idea of the challenge.

Mom and I were talking about how we went to watch Bill run in the Marine Corps Marathon the morning after I asked her to marry me. The marathon was October 25, 1992, so I asked Mom on October 24. It would have been neat had we got engaged three years to the day before you were born. Close enough.

Bill gave you his medal that he got from a later Marine Corps Marathon that he ran. You really liked it. It is in my top drawer with your teeth and some other stuff. You know he also got a medal for being brave in war. Maybe we need to make Hope for Henry medals for kids in the hospital.

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