Thursday, September 11, 2008


ROANOKE RAPIDS - For young Dylan Moore, the wait for a bone marrow transplant is almost over.
His mom, Betsy Moore, gave him the good news on Friday that a matching donor has been found.

The 6-year-old has Fanconi anemia - a rare blood disorder that leads to bone marrow failure.

In a few weeks, Dylan and his family will travel to Minneapolis where he will undergo a delicate bone marrow transplant at Fairview University Children's Hospital.

“There are only about 500 cases in this country and not many doctors have seen this case, so we had to choose the doctor who had the most experience in treating this disease,” said Moore.

Two years ago, Dylan was diagnosed with the rare disease and since then, his condition has been slowly deteriorating.

Last year, he could not attend school because his immune system was too low - meaning his body could not fight off germs and potential infections.

He was home schooled by means of an online system.

”He was forced into isolation when his blood count fell so low,” said Lenn Roberson, Dylan's aunt, and one of many champions Dylan has in his life.

“I try to be there for him, but I guess the hardest thing for him is to not be able to go to school and see his friends.”

Because the procedure is such a high risk, Moore said that her family waited as long as they could to go without choosing the surgery.

With his bone marrow functioning at only 30 percent, the family's options are now limited.

“We didn't want to go (with the procedure) unless we had to and at this point, we don't have a choice,” Moore said.

Even after the transplant Dylan will still be facing some difficulties.

“Dylan realizes he has a challenge ahead of him but he is a real trooper,” said Moore adding, that she is nervous, scared, excited and hopeful about her son's outcome.

This Sunday, the family will host a going away party for Dylan, who turns seven on Sept. 18, where friends and supporters are invited to come and join in on the celebration at the Union Hall on Roanoke Avenue from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Family members request no gifts, only to stop by for a few minutes.

“We appreciate all the support of our friends, family and the community,” said Moore.

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