Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jack came into our room at 6 am this morning. I thought that he was sick or something because he never, ever wakes up early. 

He said that he had a dream and woke up. He went back to sleep with Mom for a little while and I went downstairs. 

He told us that in the dream he didn't know where he was but he was with a bunch of people. Then he had a letter and on the letter was an image. In the dream, Mom and I asked him to copy the image on to a piece of paper. 

Then there was a large staircase and he climbed up. He said he went up into heaven and you were there. 

You and Jack were hanging out and then he woke up. 

The word he used when describing the dream was "disappointed."

Jack was disappointed because he felt so close to you, that you were actually together and then he woke up and you were gone. 

I will put this in the letters I am now writing to him online. I think he'll want to know and hopefully remember that he had this dream later on in life. 

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