Monday, September 22, 2008

Nana just got back last night from visiting your cousins over in London. We're the next to head over. We leave on Thursday for a week, including Rosh Hashanah. Here is a picture of Nana, Aunt Abby and Rachel.

Papa Sy was heading to the airport to pick up Nana when he stopped by our house for a while because her flight was delayed. He was treated to an evening of home movies of you.

Mom is working on a project and to help her I've pulled out some of our Henry videos to watch. I thought I transferred all of the tapes to DVD, but obviously I didn't.  We sat watching things that we never knew we recorded. It has been incredibly awesome and incredibly sad watching you. 

I was wondering how it was affecting Papa Sy to sit there with us, especially since he is in some of the movies with you. He's old school. He doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve, which is to say if it made him sad, he wasn't going to let it show or say anything. But it had to hurt.

The funny thing is while I watch those movies, what enters my mind is wondering how the heck can you be dead when you were so darn cute and we were having so much fun. I know Mom is thinking the same thing.

Mom told me later that it is really hard for Joe to see these video. When Mom took him up to go to sleep, he asked her if you could come back for just a day so you could play with him. He said that he'd do anything you'd want - if you wanted to play baseball, he'd play baseball with you. If you wanted to play soccer, he'd play soccer with you.  Mom says that he is really upset that he doesn't know you well. 

I can understand that.

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