Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm writing this while sitting next to your grave. 
I had a doctor's appointment with my high school buddy Matt Katz this morning and then I had some time before a meeting out this way (Rockville) so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. 
It is a very pretty day. You have 7 pennies and a big clod of dirt on your headstone. 
It is the first time the Defender has been out to the cemetery.
I said to Mom that driving the Defender gives me an appreciation for what it must be like to be her or any other attractive girl. When I roll by, men check it out. I was on Mass Ave yesterday and a guy in a Porsche cabriolet asked me what year the truck was. Today driving through Bethesda a guy in a brand spanking new fancy Range Rover gave me a big thumbs up.
The leaves are falling just like raindrops (that's a line from one of my favorite songwriters, John Prine) and it is very pretty here. 
It was really quiet until just a few minutes ago. It must be recess because I can hear the kids from the school they just built next door. It is nice to have the sound of children playing washing over this place. 
The Batman cape in the tree next to your headstone looks a bit weathered but it is still in place. You gotta love the hands off or look the other way thinking of the groundskeepers. 
Going to go visit Grandma's grave now. Love you. Bye.

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