Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We all went with Papa Teddy and Jeri to see the Lion King at the Kennedy Center. It is surprising how long it took us to get around to seeing this considering how much we love the movie.

I knew it would happen at some point and it did. I got all teary eyed right at the beginning when they sang, "The Circle of Life." I was fine for a while but then came the line,

"You deliberately disobeyed me."

Remember how I used to try and say that in a really low James Earl Jones (he was the guy who played Mufasa in the movie) voice whenever you and Jack did anything wrong.

I finally fell completely apart when when mufasa says - in response to kimba saying he never gets scared -

"I was scared I'd lose you."

That did me in.

The show was a lot of fun. Neither one of your brothers wanted to go, but I watched as Jack smiled and Joe danced in his seat throughout the production.

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