Sunday, May 11, 2003

Dear Henry:

Do you remember how I used to call you Henry Strongin Goldfish and Jack, Jack Strongin Goldfish.

We went to the cemetery and it was a nice visit. There is a kid right near you. His grave is the bottom picture.

He was born one year after you. I guess if you use Mom's math he is one year younger than you. It is nice that you are both so close to each other. It is pretty sad, too. I wonder why he died so young. I like the wolf on his headstone. Mom and I think that your birthday would be a good time for the unveiling. I think I explained that whole "unveiling" thing to you already.

There was a funeral right next to Grandma's grave. I walked over and quietly cleaned off her headstone. Someone recognized me and said hello. It is a small world.

The cool thing is that right now I am out on the front porch writing to you. Mom and Jack and Joe went to go pick up some of the pictures we took lately. I am talking to Aunt Jen. I called to wish her a happy Mother's Day. A guy just walked by with a huge, beautiful parrot on his shoulder. I wish Mom and Jack and Joe were here to see it. Bill just came out to chat. He is looking kind of old, which I guess is okay since he is in his 90's. Bill is telling me that he is still very active in his alumni association. He is president of the Naval Academy, class of 1936.

We're sitting talking like a bunch of old men. Who isn't mowing their lawn and that sort of thing. You and I had good "grown up" chats. I liked that. You were my friend.

I'll finish tomorrow. Lot's more to tell you about coming to the cemetery.



p.s. Aunt Abby's surgery went well. She came home from the hospital today. She is doing okay.

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