Sunday, May 18, 2003

Dear Henry:

Here are 2 pictures that I took of Mom and Joe at Emma's party. It was a lot of fun. We went hiking. You were missed. Here are pictures. The one with Mom and Joe is from a place along Rock Creek called "Milkhouse Ford." We passed this whenever we drove to school. I think it is really beautiful. I also really like the name.

Jack is thinking about you a lot. He told Mommy tonight that he misses you but he finds it hard to explain exactly how he feels. Jack wants to have a birthday party for you every year. He was very particular about having a cake but no candles because you wouldn't be able to blow them out. Mom suggested that maybe Jack blow out some candles. Mom left it with Jack that he can plan something and Mommy and I will make it happen just like he wants. This is all very hard on Jack. Mommy and I can say to each other and to friends exactly how we feel, but I think Jack has trouble finding the right words. We try to help him. I asked him if he wants to write a letter to you but he didn't jump on it. I'll ask again.

I love you big fella. I wish Jack was able to talk this through with you. He misses his brother and his close buddy.



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