Monday, May 05, 2003

Dear Henry:

This weekend, Ari and Simon and Alex went to the cemetery to visit you. They all miss you so much. Linda told Mommy that when they were getting ready to leave Ari laid down on top of your grave and hugged the earth. Simon laid on top of Ari and then Alex piled on top. Just like how you guys used to play. You are lucky to have friends like Ari and Simon. I hope they remember you when they get older.

I am glad everyone came to see you and I am really glad that you got a hug. The other night when Pop Pop Teddy was here I gave him a really long, tight hug. I think he was probably wondering why he was getting such a big hug. What I didn't tell him was that I've really been needing a big hug from you but can't have one. So I decided to give him one. I am pretty sure he liked it.

So this is how I would like your tombstone to look. What do you think? I hope you like it. Of course it will also have your name in Hebrew. I really hope I can get them to put the Batman and Pokemon logos on there. I also hope Mom is cool with this. I haven't talked to her about it much lately. I also want to get you a hummingbird feeder and hang it up in the tree over your grave. There are rules that don't allow things like a hummingbird feeder, so I'll go in after everyone leaves for the day and hang it high and out of sight. Hopefully you'll have little visitors coming to see you everyday with wings that beat 100 miles an hour.

Speaking of the Batman and Pokemon logos, you may or may not remember that I wanted to get you masks with cartoon characters and action figures. You were never too psyched about wearing your mask when we were worried you'd get sick from germs in the air. I thought that if your mask had Pikachu or the Bat signal on it you would wear it more. Your masks are still all over the place. We have them in both cars still. Mom and I are very slow about throwing away anything of yours. You were actually ahead of your time. Millions of people wear masks all the time now. There is a bad germ out there, called SARS, and people all over the world wear masks like yours so they don't get sick.

I am not sure if I told you that the wife of the man I work for is going to have a bone marrow transplant really, really soon. He has been thinking about making cool masks, too. We are going to try very hard and make it happen. Dr. Wagner knows someone at the company that makes the masks. They're in Minnesota of all places. My boss knows the person who does Power Rangers, and I can get in touch with Norman, Lisa's friend who does all of the Pokemon stuff. It would be like all of the Band-Aids with the fun pictures on them. I want to do this for you. I am sorry it is too late.

I just tucked Jack into bed. I was worried because last night he was crying when he got into bed. He was thinking about you and how much he misses you. He is still pretty upset about the blanket of his that we lost in the hotel in Minnesota when we were up there with you. It was the one that he says Grandma made for him. The other night Mom decided to give him one of your blankets to help him through the night. That was a really good idea. Mom is smart that way. Well, the good news is Jack isn't crying. I went to check on him and he told me he was a little lonely so I climbed into his bunk with him. I have to do that a little more. Mom tells me that the two of them, her and Jack, are super duper close because of how much he misses you. He kisses Mom now instead of Mom having to steal kisses from him.

Here is Jack and Jacob and Benji from two weeks ago when Benji was here from Morocco. I think it is hard for Jack that Benji is so far away.

I love you Henry. It is hard for me that you are so far away.


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