Sunday, May 11, 2003

Dear Henry:

It is Mother's Day. We are coming to see you. I've been worried about how Mom would be today. So far so good. I got Mom a framed cartoon that she really has loved for a year. It was in a magazine in May last year. The magazine where Jeffrey works. Jeffrey won an award for writing and I think we are going to their house tonight to help celebrate. Next Friday we are going out with Bill and Cristina to celebrate our anniversary. I am not much into seeing people right now.

Oh, and all of us got Mom a new camera. When we were on vacation I busted Mom's camera. Papa Sy gave Mom her camera when she graduated from college. I was really sorry I broke it. When we were on vacation Mom and I saw a Cormoran on the beach. I ran to get the camera from our room to take a picture of the bird for Jack. When I ran back out from our room I misjudged the steps and fell and the camera went flying. I don't think you can ever have enough cameras. I wish we had photographed and/or videotaped every minute of your life. The good and the bad.

More later today after we see you.



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