Thursday, May 08, 2003

Dear Henry:

I don't know if I sent this one to you yet. It is a poem by Simon. It is about his Dad and you. It sounds so grown up that I can hardly believe you guys are the same age. Mom says that Simon always had a good vocabulary.

There Is a Place
There is a place, so very far away, over the
treetops, past the seven seas, even over the
rainbow. And into deep eternity. Over the
world's highest mountains, and in the soul
and the human mind, no one knows this place.

This place is better than $9857; even better
than a vacation. Will there be the light of
night at this place? Everyone is immortal here.

So this place you call wonderful, you must
take me there. The crystal clear water, the
great rain forest and the beautiful pyramids
make me shiver with glory. You must have a
huge imagination to see this place!

At this place you can lie in a hammock all
day long, looking at the beautiful view of
the sky. You can lie on giant flowers and
drink the nectar. One hour more than a day
is the time you can stay, so appreciate the beauty
and the sun of yin and yang.

Simon Thomas Imbot

Copyright ©2003 Simon Thomas Imbot

[a.] Chevy Chase, MD [title] "There is a Place" [pers.] My dad died when I was almost 5. Now I am 7, I've lost 3 teeth, I'm in first grade, I have a brother Alex, he's five and a really fun mom. We live outside Washington, DC. I just started on poetry in school. I was inspired to write this poem by Emily Dickinson's poetry. The poem is about heaven. I wrote it to express how I feel about my dad and the other people that I know and love who passed away. I don't know what heaven is like, but what I think it looks like is this place in my poem.

Love you,


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