Thursday, May 29, 2003

Dear Henry:

I took Jack to school this morning because Mom is traveling for work for a few days. We were listening to XM Kids when Circle of Life from The Lion King came on the radio. Hearing the song made me remember something Mom told me the other day. When Jack met those folks in St. Michaels and insisted that Mom tell them about you, the man put his hand on Jack's shoulder and said, "It'll be okay. You see, I have a sister who died. It's just the circle of life." I looked back at Jack and could see that he was remembering this too. I asked him if he thought you were like King Mufasa in the movie, always with us looking down from the stars. We were both pretty close to crying. I reached back and held Jack's hand and listened to the song with him.

Hey, do you remember how I always like to say, "You deliberately disobeyed me" from the movie. The Lion King is finally coming out on DVD. I am sorry it didn't come out while you were alive so we could have sung the songs and quoted lines together while watching on your portable DVD player.

I love you and miss you King Henry.

Hakuna Matata,


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