Thursday, May 08, 2003

Dear Henry:

Mom and Jack looked up World Records on the Internet tonight. When I was a kid I used to read the Guinness Book of World Records over and over again. You would have loved it. You get to see the world's heaviest people and the tallest and the shortest. They have a record for the longest fingernails. I still don't understand how the people with those long nails can wipe their tushies after they poop. Maybe someone else does it for them like I used to do for you.

Something else that I used to do for you was scratch your back. I was thinking about that the other day because I asked Mom to scratch my back. I never do that and all of a sudden I heard myself sounding exactly like you, "higher, lower, other side, further, higher." It was so weird because no matter how much I scratched I could never really hit the right spot for you. We did that so much because your skin was always so itchy.

My friend's wife is going to have her transplant on June 5. They are leaving tomorrow. Henry, I am terrified for them. I am more scared for them now than I was ever scared for you. She is going to make it fine, but I think I am super-worried because I know what can go wrong. I want to go over and see them before they leave and give them one of our little Batman things that say "Believe" on it. Mom carried that with her everywhere and I know you wore it on your neck. You loved necklaces. Michael always wears groovy necklaces and we got Jack a shark's tooth necklace when we were on vacation. I'll let you know how my friend's wife is doing. Her name is Mary Beth.

I still have a lot to tell you that I wrote down on little notes or I have in my head. Maybe this weekend I'll get it all out. One thing I was thinking of doing is coming to the cemetery and writing to you there. I'd like to do that. I should make an appointment to talk to the "headstone guy" to see if we can do something close to what I put on here.

I love you little man.


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