Saturday, May 31, 2003

Dear Henry:

Mom and Jack are at Finding Nemo, which is a new Disney/Pixar movie, like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. It should be good. Without a doubt this is a movie that you would be going to see.The best part for me of taking you to the movies was hearing you exclaim, "that was the best movie, ever," at the end of whatever we saw. Three thumbs up, right.

Joe is sleeping and I just finished picking up. I want to take him for a walk but it is back to looking like rain. Hopefully the last day of May will be the last day of rain. It is soggy.

I totally forgot to tell you about this dream I had the other night. It was definitely a dream and not a nightmare. You and I were playing. I think we were at a playground or something. I do remember that I knew it was the last time we were ever going to get to play together. Sure, knowing that was pretty rough, but I was fine with it because I was able to dream about us having fun and not about you being in the hospital or anything.

I have a bunch of stuff to scan and show you. The letter I put on yesterday was very sweet. I only wish a lot of the people in Minnesota could have known you when you were feeling good. The people at the clinic in Georgetown saw you when you were feeling okay. I asked Mom if we needed to bring down more band-aids for Henry's Toolbox, and she said they are well stocked.

Let me go see if Joe is ready to get up and play. he was a maniac this morning. I know that he scares Mom a lot. She is very afraid that he will hurt himself. I think 70% of her fear is normal Mom stuff, and 30% is added on because of what happened to you. I am sorry she has to live with that. I am the same as I was with you - thought you'd be okay, think Joe is going to be fine. That might just be a Mommy and Daddy see the world differently kinda thing. Of course, Mom is usually right. I just wish she hadn't been in your case. Hey, there is some more fatherly advice. Listen to your Mom, or your wife. They are usually going to be right.

I love you.


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