Thursday, January 09, 2003

Dear dear Henry:

Mommy and I went to a movie tonight. Mom was really sad when we walked out. She was crying. I was really sad too but not crying. I was getting that strange feeling in my chest that I know is my broken heart. A lot of the movie (to me) was about a boy and his dad. They loved each other a lot. I was thinking that I could be an actor now. I can make myself cry any time a role called for it. I could do without that skill.

Mom rode her Vespa today for the first time and I think that made us both pretty sad. It is something called bittersweet. It is nice and sad all at the same time. I think the rest of our lives are going to be bittersweet. You know it is like Passover when we eat the bitter herb as free people relaxing in our homes to remind us how hard life was when we were slaves. We don't need reminding how much we love you. I wish you could have put your arms around mom's waist and hugged her tight and gone for a ride on that scooter.

Good night big man.

I love you,


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