Thursday, January 02, 2003

Dear Henry:

So last night we had Jack sleep with mom and I got to sleep in your bed. Yummy. I watched a DVD (South Park) under the covers in your honor. I felt you with me. This morning we took Jack to school. There has been so much rain that Rock Creek is overflowing its banks. I wish you could see it. Remember how dry and low it has been. I loved our trips through the park to and from school. I loved picking you up whenever you would call to say you were tired. I especially love the little space in the office where you used to sleep. I saw Marrisa and Madison when we got there and Madison asked me where you were. I got a little flustered and finally said, "Henry died." That was hard. She must have forgot, or was being REALLY hopeful. Mom and I said hello to Mrs. Singer too. They're going to have some kind of service or ceremony to remove your desk from the classroom at the end of the one month mourning period. I envision Marines doing it and handing us a triangular folded flag. Of course that won't happen but whatever they do will be sad and strange.

Today Mom and I are bringing the minvan in to get fixed. We haven't used it since Mom and Jack left for Minnesota and it doesn't start. We've been using the punch buggy all of the time. I'll always think of our 3 hour commutes to and from Baltimore for our 5 minute appointment at Hopkins. We always had good DVD's and good tunes for the road. I took that part of my job seiously. I should have been a little better at teaching and time management. I wrote to Dr. Morison's office to let them know what happened and Judy is so sad. I also emailed Dr. Jacobsohn at Northwestern but no response. Huh?

I miss you and I love you so much. So far no real crying today, but it is early.


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