Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Dear Henry:

Here is an email that Jack sent to Benji. He misses Benji a lot. Benji has a world class smile, like you.

Dear Benji,

I hope you come back soon from Morocco. Are you eating pigeons? The good news is that JPDS is moving to 16th Street. I rode a Vespa with my mom. I have my own off-road helmet. There is bad news. The bad news is when you come back you will be in 1st grade. Also, Henry died. Please write to me soon.

From, Jack

At some point I need to talk to you about something that mom said to me. She said that you were ready to die this summer but waited for us to be ready. We had some really fun times together after August 24, so thanks. The fact that I pulled out your breathing tube on December 11 must have meant I was finally ready. This morning I was thinking back to the time you were teacher's helper back at the Gan last fall and they called me to come pick you up because you fell off the monkey bars or something. I was so not worried when I got there and saw the firetruck and ambulance were in the parking lot. You were keeping all of the emergency workers entertained when I walked in and brushed you off and took the oxygen mask off your face. You were so tough. We grabbed Jack and off we all went to buy some books and books on tape to forget about what happened. I went to a bookstore this morning and bought a magazine because I knew your picture was in it. I think I'll upgrade this site to one where I can upload photos so you can see the magazine and more importantly, I can show you pictures of mom and you can watch your brothers growing up.

I am going to go take care of a million things I gotta do. I want to call and check and see how mom is doing at work.



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