Friday, January 24, 2003

Hey Henry:

I've been listening to this song by Billy Joe Shaver. He is a favorite of mine from way back and I remember feeling sad for him when he lost his son on New Years Day, 2 years ago now. His son Eddie was friends with Todd Snider, the guy who sings, Beer Run, "B double E double R U N, Beer Run." Billy Joe's song about his son is called Star in My Heart. This is how it goes

You are the star in my heart
Guess you've always known
Though we are many worlds apart
I'll always be your friend
And friends will always be friends forever

Maybe that feeling I have in my heart isn't from it being broken, maybe it is just the feeling of it getting so much bigger 'cause you're now taking up so much more room.

I love you. I wonder if you feel me in your heart. It should feel like your chest is going to explode.

Your daddy,


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