Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Dear Henry:

I did it. I went back to the gym and stopped in to say hello to Max at the ice cream shop. He cried and said you were the bravest boy he ever knew. Then I ran into Marsha on the street and she gave me a bunch of hugs. She said they have a photo on the wall of you having your first ice cream cone. I won't ever tell them that you really had your first cone in Annapolis when Uncle Bill gave you a few licks. We were at Nana and Papa Sy's old house with Bill and Cristina and Liz and Peter. Mom wasn't giving you and dairy yet, but Bill didn't know that.

Hey, where is the combination lock I gave you? I had to buy a new one before I got to the gym. I used to think about you to inspire me when I went lifted weights. In my mind I'd think if Henry can take all of that punishment and come out strong and smiling, then I can work hard in the gym. Today my mind was just all confused. I'll figure it out.

I love you my brave ice cream boy. I think about you every second of the day.


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