Thursday, January 02, 2003

Dear Henry:

I just opened the mail that had your death certificate(s) in it from Minnesota. It is very "official" looking. I saw that you were born in Washington, DC and that you were never married. The place of death is Hennepin County in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The day you died was December 11. It is a little messed up because they wrote Fanconi "Edema" not "anemia" as the underlying cause of death. I wonder if we need to fix that. We're the only ones who would ever care. I'll talk to mom. It lists David Cornfield (isn't that a great name) as the physician. He was great and really helped us at the end. I am sorry that you were unconscious when he was your doctor. You would have liked him.

Today we were in the car and I thought about something that made me really sad right after you died. A while ago, probably when you went to transplant, I had what I thought was a great idea. When you got to be older and you had a break from high school or college, you and I would take off for a few months and hike as far as we could on the appalachian trail. It would be a time for us to be together and to kind of say, look we beat Fanconi anemia. Oh well.

Simon and Alex are downstairs playing with Jack. They're making a whole lot of noise. I am hiding upstairs writing to you. I better go help mom.

I love you.


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