Sunday, January 19, 2003

Hey Henry:

I think I might change the name of this to Hey Henry. That sounds more like what I would say. Do you know we are going to go to St. Michaels tonight. I wonder if Nana has been in to the toy store and told the woman there that you died. Do you think I should go in and buy you a couple of marbles for old time sake. Did I ever tell you how going through your marble case with mom made me weep uncontrollably. You were so meticulous about picking your marbles and you really took pleasure in them. Don't worry; they're all safe.

Oh man I love you so much. I just took a shower and thought about you so much. There is nothing in the shower to distract you from your thoughts and it is the one place that I can really focus on you. I think we're going to need a bigger capacity hot water heater. I love you.


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