Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I don't need to tell you how proud I am of your little brother. Right after I got this email I went over to National Geographic, which is about 2 blocks away from my office, and got him a world map and some other stuff both to help him study and to congratulate him for winning. We put the map up on the wall next to the lower bunk. Jack spends most of his time there reading before going up to sleep in the top bunk. He has a million blankets on his bed - kinda like you that way.

I'll keep you up-to-date on his progress. If he makes it to the national competition, I think I won't have too far to go to watch him. I think it is at National Geographic!

I know he wishes you were around to share in his success.

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Subject: Geography Bee 2008 Update

Dear Parents,

The Geography Bee was a great success this morning. All of the kids were remarkably poised and thoughtful and they really knew their geography - wow! I appreciate all of your help in encouraging them to prepare and study.

Our seven participants this morning were: Gabe Colman, Jack Goldberg, Michael Greenberg, Jacobo Ostroff, Sam Phillips, Ruth Secular, and Raina Weinstein.

After three distinct rounds of tough geography questions, our JPDS school winner was Jack Goldberg. Jack will be taking a written test with me (at a mutually convenient time during school) and we will send it off to the National Geographic. There's a strong chance (based on the numbers of schools entered in DC), that he will qualify for the state (DC) Bee on April 4th.

It took a lot to enter this contest and each put a lot into this. I hope geography continues to be an area of passion for the students. I am so proud of your children!!

Dori Klar

Dori Kamlet Klar

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