Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Joe is in love. With a girl. To give you a sense of how crazy this is, he may like her even more than he likes baseball.

Mom is totally excited and enthusiast. I am totally cautious. We just aren't used to this.

You, of course, declared your love for Bella early and were unwavering. You loved her and told her and told us and that was it. You were a romantic and very open about your feelings.

And then you died and we got used to Jack who is so private that we'll probably learn about his getting married years after the fact. He does share some stuff with Mom, but never anything about liking anyone.

Like Jack, Joe has never said anything about liking girls. Now, all-of-a-sudden it seems, he is all about this girl - this girl at school named Allison. He even called her on the phone! Can you believe it. And she likes him back the same way -- probably the toughest thing in life ever to get right.

This is serious. Mom has been bumped from atop the list of who Joe plans to marry.

We are going over to Allison's house for Shabbat dinner. I will report back.

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