Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We went to florida for a week, Captiva as usual, and then we headed straight out to St. Michaels for New Years. Captiva was 80 degrees and sunny every day. We saw a lot of good wildlife, and went to the beach every day. On the last night we celebrated Jack's birthday.

Yesterday I was driving back from St. Michaels and everyone fell asleep in the car. It was very peaceful. I started thinking about what happens after you die. No-one can ever know. That is what makes it interesting. We are getting to the point where we almost know something about everything. We know what happens in our minds when we think and when we feel. We can see a billion miles away into space and we know what happened millions of years ago on earth. But when it comes to death we truly are and will probably always be clueless.

You know, but we can only guess.

It is probably a whole lot of nothing, but it could be something. I hope that something is more like Florida than Washington, DC. It was so beautiful down there and it is freezing here right now.

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