Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lot's going on. Lot's to tell you. Here is the video from Hannah's Bat Mitzvah party. Uncle Dan made it.

There are great shots of you. And great shots of Grandma.

We got back last night from St. Louis. It was a truly wonderful weekend. Your cousin Hannah lead services, read Torah and Haftorah, gave a D'var Torah and was just amazing. I know that Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan were "kvelling" cause everyone else was.

We really like Dan's family. We spent a lot of time with his brother and sisters.

I told you that I was reading Torah at the Bat Mitzvah. It was nice company. Aunt Jen read, as did Rabbi Cahan and of course Hannah Banana. I felt honored. Hannah read a few portions and is definitely ready to follow in Aunt Jen's footsteps. I think there were 4 or 5 rabbis there, which means something. I don't know what exactly, but I am sure Hannah is destined for great things.

There was a poster of pictures of the two of you set up just below the bimah and in front of where Mom, Jack, Joe and I were sitting.

Our whole family went up for an aliyah and Hannah read the portion. It was supposed to be your turn to read the Torah. Your Bar Mitzvah. Hannah stood in for you and did beautifully.

After she was done, Rabbi Rose - who is the Rabbi of their synagogue and a really dynamic man - stopped everything and talked about you and how we were honoring you because you couldn't have your own Bar Mitzvah. He then asked us to think about you quietly for a moment.

I, of course, couldn't help but weep about you quietly for a moment.

Then when it came to finishing the blessing, I had trouble getting anything other than tears to come out. Mom raised her voice and carried all of us. Thank god for Mom. But she had her moment later. She cried herself to sleep that night.

You were thought about and remembered. Uncle Dan's sister Daphne or sister-in-law Ianthe (I forgot who said it) told Mom that she could see and feel you up on the bima with Hannah... you standing at one podium as she stood at the other.

On Sunday we went over to Aunt Jen's and Uncle Dan's to hang out, play games and stuff our faces. Jack slept over that night with Hannah - they have a very special bond - and we picked him up yesterday and flew home.

I overheard someone during the weekend say they have 45 first cousins. Can you imagine going to all those Bar and Bat Mitzvahs? Crazy.

Cousin Rachel and Michael are on deck.

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